Diabetes coaching

What to expect and is coaching right for you?

*All sessions are Telehealth, so we can talk from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

You may benefit from coaching if you are struggling with blood sugar control. Perhaps your A1c is higher than you’d like, your blood sugars are constantly swinging from high to low then high again, or perhaps your spending too much time out of range?


If you feel like you’re doing everything you can, but you are either burned out or not seeing much progress, you may benefit from more personalized support outside your usual medical team.

Dubbing coaching, expect total hand holding as we work together to improve your diabetes management and overall health. After these one-on-one personalized sessions through this program, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Identify the causes of your blood sugar spikes and drops

  • Recognize which foods make your diabetes easier or more difficult to manage

  • Manipulate timing, type, and intensity of exercise to decrease insulin resistance and improve overall BG control. 

  • Make your own insulin adjustments that are safe, yet effective.

  • Create a plan that incorporates your unique good foods and exercise routines that allows for individualized increased diabetes control

After scheduling your initial assesment, you will be sent a welcome email along with a nutrition assessment form. Please fill out that nutrition form before we talk so I can learn about your management style and current obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals.


That form will ask about your current insulin dosing (or pump) settings, a food diary, your typical workout routine (and no judgement if you don’t have one), your sleep patterns, medical history, your most recent thyroid and lipid panel (if accessible), and a couple other data pieces so I can fully analyze your needs and be able to give you completely tailored suggestions to better your diabetes control.


Upon graduation of working together, you will feel confident in your management, understand they "whys" of uncontrollable blood sugar and how to fix them, how to exercise for more consistent control and an improved metabolism, and how to eat optimally for your specific needs.

With the right tools, education, and support you are more than capable of achieving your desired level of diabetes control and overall health.


Getting Started: To get started working with together, select the "Let's Get Started!" button. An initial nutrition assessment [75 min] are mandatory to start working together. After this first session, you will be able to schedule follow up sessions as needed [60 min each].

About Pricing: As for pricing, the first assesment is mandatory and is $150 and follow-ups are $100X. The additional time and cost with the first initial assessment is due to the outside time required so I can fully analyze your needs and setting adjustments necessary to improve your management before we talk. Many patients have been able to use their HSA or FSA for payment, but if you do not have an HSA or FSA card, I am happy to email you a superbill for you to send to your insurance for reimbursement. 

After Scheduling: After you select a time a day that works for you, you will be sent a welcome email along with a nutrition assessment form. Please fill out that form so I can better analyze your management style before we talk. Don't worry about being extremely detailed, we walk discuss when we talk!

"I appreciate Ariel so much for helping me get my blood sugar back in control. Before Ariel, I was constantly sick and frustrated. I was seeing a GP, but didn't receive much needed personalized adjustments and suggestions, and therefore just felt like another number.

As soon as Ariel and I began our sessions, she listened to my pain points, and instantly had personalized suggestions. We created a meal plan, goals, and made biweekly adjustments. It has been such a different experience working with a Diabetes Educator who has diabetes and who really cares about me. Today, my HbA1c is constantly around 80-120 mg/dL and I am down 25 pounds.  I'm so grateful for Ariel's help.

—  Darlene, WY