Which is why I created this Program

There's no reason to settle for blood sugar that's "good enough" that has you worrying if you are increasing your risk for longterm complications. 


There's no reason to have to deal with the daily blood sugar roller coaster of highs and lows that seem to rule your life. 

There's no reason to feel discouraged or alone when it comes to managing your health and diabetes. 


You can have the support and education you need to improve your diabetes and be in control of your life!

Introducing The Diabetes Quick Check Program!

This program is for people with diabetes who want guidance, support, fine-tuning of their management and settings, and to be accountable to a Certified Diabetes Educator who not only cares but also understands the unique complexities of diabetes. 


Enroll in one of the program schedules: 

  • Weekly

  • Bi-Weekly

  • Monthly

Once you enroll, you will be sent a "Getting Started" Assessment which will help me learn your medical history and management style.

Once enrolled, I will set you with a TIDEPOOL account which will allow you to sync all your diabetes management devices in once place. You can also add notes through the TIDEPOOL app about your day such as "meal, exercise, site change" which will give me great detail about your day-to-day as I review your reports. 

Using TIDEPOOL, you just need to upload once within 24 hours before our scheduled check.

That's it! One upload. 

Then I will review everything, and send you a highly personalized email that includes feedback, suggested dosing and pump setting changes, and words of support.

In between Quick Checks, you can live your life knowing you have me by your side to help you fine-tune your management, give you setting adjustments and help you consistently be accountable to all your health and diabetes-related goals. 

So let's get started!





To Get Started . . .


The WEEKLY Schedule is for you if you . . .

  • Want to build NEW healthy habits

  • Need to decrease your A1c by 1% or more

  • Need to lose 15 lbs or more

  • Have a complicated situation relating to your health

  • Were recently diagnosed with diabetes

  • Recently switched to a pump

  • Are trying to become pregnant

  • Recently became pregnant

  • Want to use a pump, but don't know what's the right for you

  • Need heavy MDI or pump adjustments (basals, correction, carb ratio, etc)



$35 per check 

4X a month . . .

which is $140 per month

or only $4.67 a day!



The BI-WEEKLY Schedule is for you if you . . .

  • Need a reboot in motivation and accountability for already formed healthy habits 

  • Need to decrease your A1c by 0.5-1%

  • Need to lose 10-15 lbs

  • Have another complication that's affecting your control

  • Were recently diagnosed with diabetes within the past year

  • Need help achieving blood sugar target during pregnancy

  • Recently had a change in pump software and would like more education

  • Need moderate MDI or pump adjustments (basals, correction, carb ratio, etc)

$40 per check 

2X a month . . .

which is $80 per month

or only $2.66 a day!



The MONTHLY Schedule is for you if you . . .

  • Want a boost in motivation and increased accountability for already formed healthy habits  

  • Need to decrease your A1c by 0.1-0.5%

  • Need to lose <10 lbs

  • Have had diabetes for over a year, but need a refresher or more diabetes education

  • Need light hand-holding to keep glycemic control during pregnancy

  • Recently had a change in pump software and would like more education

  • Need mild MDI or pump adjustments (basals, correction, carb ratio, etc)

$45 per check 

1X a month . . .

which is $45 per month

or only $1.50 a day!

With any program schedule you choose, you can change the frequency and cancel at any time. This program's purpose is to be an exceptional tool to help you improve your diabetes control and you will never be locked into a contract!

Also, if you feel you need more support, you can schedule a face-to-face through video at any time. 


All for the Price of a Copay!

With the average cost of a copay to see a specialist being between $30-$50 per visit. 

"Not bragging or anything, but I reached 100% Time in Range for the last 7 days. Seriously, I could not have done [this] without you. Your easy guidance and support is such a blessing to me. You should be very proud of yourself. Thank you so much and on so many levels. 

Paula, CA

"Amazing! Ariel is so knowledgeable, caring, a great teacher, and gives real insight into how to successfully manage diabetes. The time she spent with me has truly been life-changing. As an RN, and as a client, I overwhelmingly would recommend her to anyone with diabetes. Ariel, has helped give me the tools I need to get my health back!

Sharon, UT

"Ariel does an amazing job because she cares. She has great low carb recipes she shared with me and helped me understand a meal bolus for a bigger meal. And encouraged me to get my endorphins through a simple work out. She is on point with her up to date knowledge on nutrition."

Nichole, UT

"Ariel made learning this process very easy and made it a lot less intimidating. She simplified it. And I enjoyed it! 👍👍👍 She walked us through the process so that we were learning hands-on which makes it easier to retain the information. We appreciate her help immensely."

Janet, UT

Good example and VERY sympathetic! Good listener.
Made me want to work harder.

Pete, UT

"What a wonderful human!"


Adam, UT

"Great experience being able to interact and exchange information with a seasoned professional diabetic educator."

Preston, UT

Meet Ariel

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (CDCES)

Certified Dietitian (CD)

Certified Pump Trainer for Tandem, Insulet (Omnipod), and Medtronic

and an educator for Open-APS looping (off-label use)

but most importantly . . .


T1D for over 25 years

What's my back story?

My name is Ariel Warren. I'm a dietitian, a diabetes educator, an author, and I have T1D. T1D doesn't define me, it empowers me to work hard, be disciplined and responsible, and highly self-aware. 

To give you a bit of background on me. I was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 4 years old, and in an odd way, I am grateful for my diabetes because it has led me to a career as a health provider and diabetes educator and has connected me to many empowering and inspiring individuals (such as yourself). 

I work at an Outpatient Endo clinic in Utah, and I have an online private practice which allows me to connect with people with insulin-dependent diabetes across the United States. I have presented at several JDRF conventions and diabetes education conferences on ways to optimize glycemic control through lifestyle habits and diabetes tech. I also recently wrote a book (picture) for people who have been recently diagnosed with Type 1. 

As someone who has T1D pretty much her whole life, I am a health professional who completely understands your personal frustrations because I've been there.


I understand how unbelievably frustrating the highs are, and how terrifying the lows can be. I know that diabetes isn't as simple as "just taking your insulin and counting your carbs". I understand that diabetes is a very complex condition, but one that can be managed well by isolating the variables to make sense of it all.


I believe that the goal is not perfection, but progression, and I feel strongly that providers should always work with their patients through education and support. I also believe that there is a balance between good control and enjoying life. I GET IT! Which is why I have dedicated my life to helping others learn not only how to manage their diabetes, but how to manage it well.


My goal for each and everyone one of my patients is to help them avoid the daily blood sugar roller coaster, avoid the guilt and the worry that comes from poor control and complications, and to help them get their life back so they can concentrate on the things that they love!


If you are struggling with your settings, nutrition, exercise, motivation, or you are just feeling burnt out (or all the above). I want to help you feel finally reach the control that you've always wanted, and none of that "good enough" control, but great control! And without having to stick to a "no-carb" lifestyle.


You can achieve great control that is sustainable and keeps you healthy and complication-free. I'm here to help you understand YOUR diabetes and be in control of your life.

With this Diabetes Quick Check Program you will . . .

  • Gain insight into YOUR diabetes trends from my observations and feedback to teach you how to make sense of your lifestyle choices on your blood sugar.

  • Gain the power of accountability by knowing that I will be reviewing your CGM and/or pump reports on a weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule and give you feedback on your progress.

  • STAY MOTIVATED and be IN CHARGE of your life by keeping you complication-free, living life, and learning how to become your own best advocate for your health!

If this sounds like a great fit for you, I'd love to work with you through my Diabetes Quick Check Program!


Let’s work together to get you the control you've always wanted!

And for less than a copay.