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Healthy Pepperoni & Chicken Pizza Bites

Craving pizza, but oh wait, you're trying to be good again? Don't worry, I got you covered.

Recently, my husband has turned over a new leaf for his health. He has been doing an awesome job going to the gym and letting me pack his lunches (instead of eating out with his workmates). Whenever he tries to change his ways, he is usually good for about 2 weeks, then has a hard time sticking to it.

The main reason for this, is common for everybody.

WEEK 1 You are a hungry, maybe even a little grouchy, but you can feel the change happening, so you eat super well, and work your guts out at the gym. You can feel the abs wanting to poke out!

WEEK 2 Your foods are starting to get boring, and you are really sore from your over-zealous workouts the week before. But, you are still trying...

WEEK 3 Your food is bland. You wonder if your taste buds are broken or wonder if food was always this boring. You are super sore, and for some reason the gym seems really hard to make such an effort to drive that to. You are tired, and you want pizza and ice cream.

What do you do when you hit this point??

Well, that's when a dietitian can be helpful. A dietitian can help you work past your obstacles, figure out your triggers, help you stay accountable, and create healthier versions of the foods you love so you are just simply modifying your eating, not restricting yourself and going on some dumb fad diet that will never last.

Which is how and why Healthy Chicken & Pepperoni Pizza Bites were born.

My husband loves pizza, so these are his Friday night treat. The crazy part is that he actually prefers these over real pizza because after he eats these healthy pizza bites, he doesn't feel sick or bloated, just happy and satisfied.

My favorite part about these pizza bites is that the crust is made out of whole wheat tortilla. When cooked right, whole wheat tortillas make the perfect ultra thin and low calorie crust. Oh, and did I mention, ultra quick?? I can make these Pizza Bites in 15 min!

In the recipe, if you look closely, I used Mexican shredded cheese. In the recipe I've giving you, I'm changing the Mexican shredded cheese to light mozzerlla. It saves you from access saturated fat, which your heart will thank me.

I also use an Oil Spritzer. I have tried so many kinds, and have had decent luck with this one. I love using oil spritzers because it allows me to lightly add oil, and it doesn't contain any crazy chemicals like soy lecithin.

Last note, these pizza bites, are NOT dairy or gluten free, but it's pizza. Let's be real here. I will say that most of my recipes are dairy and gluten free.

Healthy Pepperoni & Chicken Pizza Bite recipe

Yield: 12 Pizza Bites

Serving: 2 servings, 6 Bites per Serving

Prep Time: 8 min

Cook Time: 12 min

Total Time: 20 min


  • 2 Whole Wheat Tortillas

  • Olive oil

  • 1/4 cup Tomato Sauce

  • 2 Light Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

  • 12 slices Turkey Pepperoni Slices

  • 2 oz Shredded Chicken Breast

  • 1 tsp Oregano, dried


  • 1 can of Tuna (not for the actual recipe)

  • Oil Spritzer (optional)

  • Kitchen Scissors (or a knife works)


1. Set oven to 350 degrees, use the tuna can to make circles in the tortilla. I start at the very edge and make a circle of circles. You should be able to make 5, then you will use the scraps to make 6 circles with 1 tortilla. 12 circles total with the 2 tortillas.

2. Grab a muffin tin, and either spray with a oil spritzer or use a towl and add a very thin amount of oil in each muffin cup.

3. Cut 4 small slit on the edges on the tortillas with scissors or with a knife (see pic below).

4. Next, push a tortilla circle in each muffin tin. Use the scraps (as in the picture above) to fill up the last 2 muffin cups.

5. Lightly spritz muffin cups with olive oil to make them extra crisp (optional).

6. Place muffin sheet with tortillas in the oven for 6 min.

7. As the tortillas are toasting, finely chop/shred the mozzarella cheese sticks, chicken, and pepperoni slices and put in a bowl.

8. Take out the Pizza bites from the oven. They should be lightly toasted on the edges and the middle (see pic below).

9. Add 1 tsp of tomato sauce to each tortilla circle (see pic below).

10. Add chicken, tortilla, and pepperoni mixture to each cup (about a BIG tbsp for each). Equally distribute the whole mixture. Sprinkle a little dried oregano over all of them.

11. Pop the muffin tray back into the oven, and let it cook for another 6 min (or until cheese becomes melty).

12. Take out of the oven, put on a tray and enjoy the entire serving!!

These Pizza Bites are so so good!! And guess what? They are completely husband and kid approved.

Nutrition facts:

Per Serving. Total Calories: 492. Total Fat: 17g (Saturated: 5g, Monounsaturated: 4g, Polyunsaturated: 1g, Trans: 0g). Cholesterol: 106mg. Sodium: 1624mg. Potassium: 444mg. Total Carbohydrates: 48 g (Dietary Fiber: 11g, Sugars: 2g). Protein: 42g.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

As always, if you are having trouble with your diabetes and/or weight loss, email me or visit my website so we can figure out a customized game plan based entirely on you. I'm 100% here for you and understand all your frustrations because I am a T1D and a Registered Dietitian.

When we talk, I will look in detail at what, when, and the amount you are eating, along with what you are doing for exercise (or not doing, we'll be honest with each other). Together we will analyze your blood sugar (use your Dexcom Clarity reports if you have a Dexcom) and together we will decipher why you are getting your frustrating highs and lows. After a single session, you will have answers and a much better clarity of why your blood sugars react they way they do to your food, exercise, and lifestyle.

After talking, we will stay in touch, and you will have direct access to me for any questions. I deeply care about each and everyone of my clients.

If you just have a general question, send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.


Your friend & Dietitian,

Ariel Warren, RD, CD, T1D

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