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How to Eat Cereal with Diabetes

Today, was a cereal day. I do not have many of these days because 1st, I'm a type 1 diabetic, 2nd, cereal is crazy high in carbs, and 3rd, the morning time is the WORST time of the day to overload your blood stream with glucose because you are more sensitive to carbohydrates.

AKA cereal in the morning is not a usual for me. But today, I just needed cereal.

Tips for eating cereal when you are Diabetic...

TIP 1: Don't even look at the high sugar cereals.

TIP 2: Choose the Fiber-Loaded Cereal (Aim for 7g+ per serving)

TIP 3: Swap milk for unsweetened nut milk (almond, cashew, coconut, etc)

TIP 4: Measure, Measure, MEASURE your cereal.

TIP 5: Give insulin 20-30 mi BEFORE you eat (unless you are taking the new insulin, Fiasp)

PS: I will write an article soon about this new Fiasp insulin. I literally just changed a site and loaded my pump with it for the first. I am super excited. Stay tuned! :D

Want to know one of the most carb-loaded cereals??

BACK STORY: I work at a Endo clinic twice a week, and I talk to diabetics (type 1 and type 2) about their nutrition and weight loss goals. Our conversation always begins with a walk-through of their typical eating patterns, therefore we start with breakfast. For the ones that say, "I need something quick and healthy", they almost ALWAYS report...

drum roll please...

"I eat Raisin Bran for Breakfast"

Sorry, my diabetic friends. Raisin Bran is NOT your friend. Raisin Bran has almost DOUBLE the amount of carbs of the crazy sugar cereals you wouldn't even dream about.

Raisin Bran:



Based on 1 Cup serving

Raisin Bran VS Cookie Crisp

CALORIES: 230 - 140

NET CARBS: 39g - 21g

SUGAR: 18g - 9g

* IMPORTANT: Yes, Raisin Bran has more fiber than Cookie Crisp, but that is why I used the NET carbs (total carbs - fiber grams). ALSO, Raisin Bran has 4 more grams of protein which can help assuage a super blood sugar spike.

CUP t0 CUP, Raisin Bran vs Cookie Crisp. Cookie Crisp, according to the carb content, the Cookie Crisp is going to be a much less sugar loaded for your blood stream.

What I am NOT saying...

Do NOT run to the store and buy all the sugar cereals. No. Sugar cereals are still very low in fiber and protein, and are more concentrated in sugar than other high carb cereals. High sugar with little fiber or protein can set the stage for a drastic and stubborn high.

What I AM saying...

Be careful about cereals (foods in general), that you assume are healthy for your blood sugar. Be diligent with your nutrition labels and find out a couple staples that you know can work for you. Better yet, use foods that don't have nutrition labels (whole foods!!). Whole foods (foods that are not processed) are naturally higher in fiber. But even still, fruit still has carbs that you have to count. Natural sugar is still sugar.

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As always, if you are having trouble with your diabetes and/or weight loss, email me or visit my website so we can figure out a customized game plan based entirely on you. I'm 100% here for you and understand all your frustrations because I am a T1D and a Registered Dietitian.

When we talk, I will look in detail at what, when, and the amount you are eating, along with what you are doing for exercise (or not doing, we'll be honest with each other). Together we will analyze your blood sugar (use your Dexcom Clarity reports if you have a Dexcom) and together we will decipher why you are getting your frustrating highs and lows. After a single session, you will have answers and a much better clarity of why your blood sugars react they way they do to your food, exercise, and lifestyle.

After talking, we will stay in touch, and you will have direct access to me for any questions. I deeply care about each and everyone of my clients.

If you just have a general question, send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.


Your friend & Dietitian,

Ariel Warren, RD, CD, T1D

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