What Clients are Saying...

"Today, after 4 months working Ariel, I'm down 52 lbs, I've reversed my diabetes. My doctor not only took me off the diabetic list, but even the pre-diabetic list! I don't take any metformin and I sit at a 5.5% A1c. I'm  also off of one of my blood pressure medications, only take half of the other, my BP is 110/56.

Ariel has been a very personable, genuine voice of knowledge, experience and inspiration to me. The information she has given, the individualized menus to follow, and positive encouragement set the stage for my lifestyle change and weight loss accomplishment."

Lynn from Utah

I have struggled with being overweight my whole life. I have gone on diets to lose weight and would drop weight only to balloon back to my old weight or more. About a year ago I decided to get in shape so that I could become a firefighter and at the same time I found Ariel's company hapibody. Ariel has done an amazing job helping me understand more about nutrition. Because of her I feel like I will be able to keep the weight off for the first time in my life, because I'm not focused on losing weight, I'm focused on living a healthy lifestyle. Ariel not only crafted a plan for me, but she gave me the tools to know how to manage my nutrition myself. I am still working towards my goal of being a firefighter, but I have passed multiple physical ability tests set by fire departments.

Marcus from Texas

"I appreciate Ariel so much for helping me get my blood sugar back in control. Before Ariel, I was averaging the 2 and 3 hundreds, now I am averaging around 80-120 mg/dL. She made me charts to keep track of each meal along with blood sugar levels tests to show me where I was at before and after meals. She counseled me on what my blood sugars should be and what foods to eat each day. She gave me suggestions on the right amount of calories, carbs, fats, and protein for me to reach my goals. Along with controlled diabetes, I have been losing weight too. I am so grateful for the extra mile she put into helping me."

Darlene from Wyoming

“I would recommend Ariel's nutrition coaching services to anybody searching for a healthier life style.  Ariel has personally helped me improve my metabolism function after years of improper dieting.  Her deep knowledge of nutritional science is truly impressive.  She researches everything thoroughly and provides me with the best advice.  Ariel has the ability to meet you where you are and helps implement change in a very non-intimidating way.  In addition to her deep nutritional expertise, she is a fantastic virtual personal trainer.  She has customized workouts around my personal home gym equipment, skill level, and fitness goals.  Following Ariel's guidance, I've dropped 4.5% body fat in 6 months and improved my overall health.  Ariel will be your biggest supporter and cheerleader thru the process!!”

Jason from Texas

“I started following Ariel's meal plan shortly after I had my baby 3 months ago. I have pretty much stuck with it since then and have lost all but 5 lbs of the weight I gained during pregnancy! And that's saying a lot since I gained 50 lbs. I feel amazing and have great energy in spite of the lack of sleep! Before talking with Ariel I felt I knew a lot about nutrition, and I had learned a lot, but lacked the knowledge of how to put it all to good use. Ariel has helped me put all of the info into perspective and create a lifestyle that I feel good about! Because of Ariel's help, tailored meal plans, and helpful tips I know I can reach my goal in time and stay there! Thanks again!”

Nichole from Texas

Ariel helped me to really nail down my needs. She helped me set up meals, workouts, and answered a lot of questions about blood sugar. I still don't always feel great, but I feel 300 times BETTER. At this point, I'm not even that worried about how I look but how I FEEL. Jake even commented on how my energy (both levels and the energy I put off) is higher and more positive. I feel more confident, healthy, and happy. My anxiety is better and I am a better mom and wife. I can't thank Ariel enough. If you need more help, I highly recommend getting a fitness coach or dietitian to help.

Helena from Idaho

"Ariel…thank you so much for your excellent information and personalized diet! I feel confident in your hands and your knowledge of diabetes. You have completely customized my preferences to create a meal plan that I can stick with. You also gave me a workout routine that was based on my fitness level. Because of you, I lowered my hbA1c and feel I am in much better control of my life and my eating habits. I have learned so much from working with you and feel so much happier! You are so easy and approachable. Thank you Ariel!

Anne from Nevada

“With Ariel's one on one coaching, I was able to lose 21 pounds and continue my weight loss success. I've been dieting for decades, and this has been the only method that has taught me not only to lose the weight and keep it off, but to continue losing weight. It's also so nice to work with someone who really cares. She's much more than a dietitian, but a caring friend."

Roxanne from Texas

"I lost over 40 pounds when I changed my diet, but was really scared of gaining it all back (like many yo-yo diets before). Ariel worked with me to teach me what kinds of foods and exercise to keep the weight off. I don't like exercise, but she helped me add workouts that work for me. It's really nice to talk to your dietitian and have access to her when you need her. There isn't anything like Ariel's program."

Carol from North Carolina

"We met with Ariel to find easy ways to add to my daughter’s diet as we tried to wade through gluten-free, dairy issues and several allergies.  She is so easy to talk to and very genuine. Ariel gave suggestions specifically made to meet my daughter’s needs.  They were easy to incorporate, especially for a college student and we received several handouts and recipes to make life simpler. We feel like she gave us hope and confidence to move forward."

Val & Abbie from Utah

"I went to Ariel when I was completely lost with what to eat and how to exercise. She gave me customized suggestions that really helped me have a healthier relationship with food, and gave my workout suggestions that work for me.  She is always really patient with me and encourages me to take small steps that are easy to implement. Working with Ariel has really helped me feel better about myself, healthier, and more confidant."

Jenna from D.C.


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